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SM55 Series
Miniature SMD Crystal
August 2007
The Pletronics’ SM55 Series is a miniature
surface mount crystal
The package is ideal for automated surface
mount assembly and reflow practices.
Tape and Reel packaging
3 MHz to 70 MHz
5 x 13 x 5.7 mm 4 pad
AT Cut Crystal
Pletronics Inc. certifies this device is in accordance with the
RoHS 5/6 (2002/95/EC) and WEEE (2002/96/EC) directives.
Pletronics Inc. guarantees the device does not contain the following:
Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead (<1000 ppm), Mercury, PBB’s, PBDE’s
Weight of the Device: 0.65 grams
Moisture Sensitivity Level: 1 As defined in J-STD-020C
Second Level Interconnect code: e1, e2 or e3
Electrical Specification:
Item Min Max Unit Condition
Frequency Range 3 70 MHz AT cut
Calibration Frequency Tolerance - - ppm at +25oC +_ 3oC see table on page 3
for available options
Frequency Stability over OTR - - ppm
Equivalent Series Resistance
(ESR) - 200 Ohms 3 MHz to 4 MHz
- 150 Ohms 4 MHz to 5 MHz
- 120 Ohms 5 MHz to 6 MHz
- 100 Ohms 6 MHz to 7 MHz
- 80 Ohms 7 MHz to 8 MHz
- 50 Ohms 8 MHz to13 MHz
- 40 Ohms 13 MHz to 30 MHz
- 100 Ohms 25 MHz to 70 MHz 3rd Overtone
Drive Level - 1 mW use 10 µW for testing
Shunt Capacitance (C0) - 7 pF Pad to Pad capacitance
Aging -5 +5 ppm /Yr at +25oC +_ 3oC
Specified Temperature Range -40 +85 oC see table on page 3 for available options
Storage Temperature Range -55 +125 oC
SM55 Series
Miniature SMD Crystal
August 2007 425-776-1880 2
-60 -40 -20 0 20 40 60 80 100 120
Temper a t ur e (oC)
Deviation (ppm)
AT Cut Crystal Frequency
versus Temperature
Typical Performance:
Part Marking:
1xFFFFFPymdz or L1xFFFFzywwz
1 = Model code for SM55
x = Capacitance load code from below
FFFFF = Frequency coded
P or L = Pletronics
ymd or yww = Date of Manufacture (year, month and day) or year, week week
All other marking is internal factory codes
Some frequency marking examples: 3.579545M = 03579, 14.31818M = 14181, 24.0M = 24000
Specifications such as frequency tolerance and operating temperature range, etc. are not identified
from the marking. External packaging labels and packing list will correctly identify the ordered
Pletronics part number.
pF 101213 8 151820222426283032343627series335019161714
Codes for Date Code YMD
Code 6 7 8 9 0 1 2
Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Code A B C D E F G H J K L M
Code D E F G H J K L M N P R
Code T U V W X Y Z
SM55 Series
Miniature SMD Crystal
August 2007 425-776-1880 3
Part Number:
SM55 -18 -14.31818M -50 H 1 G G -XX See chart below for available options
Internal code or blank
Highest Specified Operating Temperature
A = 40oC G = 70oC
B = 45oCH = 75oC
C = 50oCJ = 80oC
D = 55oCK = 85oC
E = 60oC
F = 65oC
Lowest Specified Operating Temperature
A = +10oC F = -15oCL = -40oC
B = +5oCG = -20oC
C = 0oCH = -25oC
D = -5oCJ = -30oC
E = -10oCK = -35oC
Mode: 1 = Fundamental 3 =3rd Overtone
Frequency Stability See chart below
Calibration Frequency Tolerance
15 = +_ 15 ppm at 25oC +_ 3oC
20 = +_ 20 ppm at 25oC +_ 3oC
30 = +_ 30 ppm at 25oC +_ 3oC (Standard)
Frequency in MHz
Cload in pF
Parallel Resonance from 09 to 44 pF or
SR = Series Resonance
Series Model
Available Frequency Stability versus Temperature in ppm
Temperature Range DEFGHJ
CODE +_ 10 +_ 15 +_ 20 +_ 30 +_ 50 +_ 100
0 to +45oCCB !!!!!!
0 to +50oCCC !!!!!!
0 to +60oCCE !!!!!!
0 to +70oCCG !!!!STD !
-10 to +50oCEC !!!!!!
-10 to +60oCEE !!!!!!
-10 to +75oCEH !!!!!!
-20 to +70oCGG !!!!!!
-20 to +75oCGH !!!!!!
-30 to +75oCJH !!!!!!
-30 to +80oCJJ !!!!!!
-30 to +85oCJK !!!!!!
-35 to +80oCKJ !!!!!
-40 to +85oCLK !!!!!
SM55 Series
Miniature SMD Crystal
August 2007 425-776-1880 4
Legacy Part Number (not for new designs):
SM55 B E -18 -11.0592M -XX
Internal code or blank
Frequency in MHz
Cload in pF
Parallel Resonance in pF or
SR = Series Resonance
Operating Temperature Rang e
Blank = 0 to + 70oC (STD)
E = -40 to +85oC
Calibration Tolerance / Frequency Stability
Blank = 30/50 (STD)
B = 30/30
C = 15/30
D = 10/20 (not all frequencies)
Series Model
Reliability: Environmental Compliance
Parameter Condition
Mechanical Shock MIL-STD-883 Method 2002, Condition B
Vibration MIL-STD-883 Method 2007, Condition A
Solderability MIL-STD-883 Method 2003
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-883 Method 1011, Condition A
Package Labeling
Label is 1" x 2.6" (25.4mm x 66.7mm) Label is 1" x 2.6" (25.4mm x 66.7mm)
Font is Courier New Font is Arial
Bar code is 39-Full ASCII
SM55 Series
Miniature SMD Crystal
August 2007 425-776-1880 5
Inches mm
A 0.189 max 4.8 max
B 0.512 max 13.0 max
C 0.224 max 5.7 max
D10.051 1.3
E10.303 7.7
F10.047 1.2
Not to Scale
1 Typical dimensions
Contacts :
Matte Tin (Sn) or Tin over Copper (SnCu) or SAC (SnAgCu)
Connection (bottom view):
Pin 2 & 3 connected to metal case
Layout and application information
Trace lengths to the crystal should be kept as short as possible.
The crystal connections are sensitive to noise.
The package should be grounded for optimum performance.
SM55 Series
Miniature SMD Crystal
August 2007 425-776-1880 6
260°C Maximum
10 Seconds Maximum
Approximately 50 Seconds
Allowed rate of temperature change
Maximum 4°C per second
120 to 160 Seconds
Temperature (°C)
Reflow Cycle (typical for lead free processing)
The part may be reflowed 2 times without degradation.
Tape and Reel: available for quantities of 1000 per reel
Constant Dimensions Table 1
Size D0 D1
Min E1 P0 P2 S1
Min T
0.6 0.25 0.1
12mm 1.5
16mm 1.5 2.0
24mm 1.5
Variable Dimensions Table 2
Size B1
Max E2 Min F P1 T2
Max W
Max Ao, Bo
& Ko
24 mm 18 14.25 7.5 +_0.1 12.0 +_0.1 8 16.3 Note 1
Note 1: Embossed cavity to conform to EIA-481-B Dimensions in mm Not to scale
A inches 7.0 10.0 13.0
mm 177.8 254.0 330.2
B inches 2.50 4.00 3.75
mm 63.5 101.6 95.3 Tape
C mm 13.0 +0.5 / -0.2
D mm 24.4
Reel dimensions may vary from the above
SM55 Series
Miniature SMD Crystal
August 2007 425-776-1880 7
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